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Baisakhi 2018 Songs

Baisakhi 2018 Songs

Tana tanak,
Teri bodi mere hath,
Meri gutt tere hath,
Maeno rakhna e rakh,
Maeno kadna e kad!
Maeyon tere naal vasiyan,
te hor koi vase vi na
Maeyon tere naal kattiyan,
te hor koi kate ve na

Ambarsare diyan vardiyan ve maen khaani haan
Tu karenda ardiyan te maen sehni han
tana tanak……….. te hor koi kate ve na

Ambarsare diyan chole ve maen khaani haan
Tu tarda-tar bole te maen sehni han
tana tanak……….. te hor koi kate ve na

Ambarsare diyan papard ve maen khaani haan
Tu karenda aakard te maen sehni han
tana tanak……….. te hor koi kate ve na
Baisakhi 2018 Songs


List of Baisakhi 2018 Songs

» Ambarsare diyan vardyan
» Jugni
» Jind Mahi
» Chitthi Aayi Hai
» No. 1 Punjabi

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Ambarsare diyan vardiyan

Tana tanak,
Teri bodi mere hath,
Meri gutt tere hath,
Maeno rakhna e rakh,
Maeno kadna e kad!
te hor koi vase vi na
te hor koi kate ve naThe “Boli” goes like this:
Ambarsarediyan — ve maenkhaanihaan Tu — — te maensehnihaan
Ambarsarediyanvardiyan ve maenkhaanihaan
Tu karendaardiyan te maensehnihanAmbarsarediyan chole ve maenkhaanihaanTu tarda-tar bole te maensehnihanAmbarsarediyanpapard ve maenkhaanihaanTu karendaaakard te maensehnihan

Translation of the chorus:
Tana Tanak (suddenly)
I’ve got you by the hair (bodi) (hath=hand) You’ve got me by the braid (gutt) If you want to keep (rakhna) me, then keep me
If you want to throw me out (kadna) then do it (…..but let me tell you)
I’m the only one who would live with you (vasna=live) , no one else (hor koi) would I’m the only one who can endure you, (kattiyan=put up with, endure) no body else (hor koi) would.Translation of the “Boli”
I eat (khaani) the — of Amritsar, You do — and I put up with it (sehnihaan) vardiyan = special amritsar dish: ball of spices
karendaardiyan = get stubborn chole = chickpeas
tara-tar bole = yell loudly, speak (bole) sharply (taratar)
papard = thin fried wafer aakard = arrogant


Punjabi Song
Jugni jadon shehr noo jave
Nak vich koke nu matkave
Surma pooncha vala pave
Chutney naal samose khaveChorus
Oh Veer, meriya ho jugni
Verr meriya o jugni gaoundi hai
Oh sab da dil paraondi haiJugni fashion di matvali
Thappe powder, laave laali
Tindon pukhi, jebon khaliChorus
Oh Veer, meriya ho jugni
Veer Jugni bardi shetaan hai,
Oh sab gabroo di jaan hai.Jugni jandoon gayee Karnal
Ankhee ainak, hath rumaal
Tennis khede mundiyan naalMeri Jugni school-e pardi hai
Te do-do guttan kardi hai
Rati Ja cineme vich vardi hai
Te Fiat car te chardi hai
Aake mummy-daddy naal lardi hai

Jugni jaa vardi chuuare
Baba hethon vaja maare
“Nee thale uttar ja mutiyare!”
“Uthe rahendemundekuware”

When jugni goes to the city (shehr) On her nose (nak) her nose-ring (koke) moves
She wears her eyeliner (surma) with long tails (poonch)
And eats her samosa with chutneyChorus
Brother (veer), that’s my jugni Veer, when my jugni sings (gaoundi) She captures everyones (sab) heartJugni is the heart of fashion Slaps on
some powder and red on her lips But her

stomach (tidon) is hungry and her pocket (jebon) is empty

My jugni is very mischevious (shetaan) She is the life (jaan) of every gabroo (man)

When jugni goes to Karnal Glasses (ainak) on her eyes, a handkerchief in hand

Play tennis with the boys, (that’s my jugni…)

Jugni goes to school
And has two (do-do) braids (guttan)
At night (rati) she goes to the cinema
And rides in a fiat car
And after all that, still fights with her mom and dad

Jugni when up to the rooftop

From downstair (hethon) her Baba calls her
“Oh woman (mutiyare) come down”
“Bachelor boys live up there

Jind Mahi

Punjabi Song
Jind Mahi bajre diyan, aha
Jind Mahi bajre diyan kaliyan
Ki mela vekhan aiyan, aha Ki
mela vekhan aiyan jattiyan Ki hath
vich sheesha, hoy
Hath vich sheesha savaran pattiyan.Chorus
Ek pal behi jana, aha
Ve ek pal behi jana mere kol ,Ve
tere mithrde ni, hoy Ve tere
mithrde ni lagde bol
oho oho oho haiJind Mahi, baj tere kumlaiyan
Ki teriyan ladiyan Parjaiyan
Ki baji phir kade na aiyan
Ek pal…Jind Mahi ambiyan te a gaya boor
Ki jattiyan de mukhrde te varda noor
Jinno vekh ke charde saroor
Ek pal….Jind Mahi jeturiyopatiale
Othon liyavireshminaale
Ade chitteoye, ade kale
Ek pal..
Translation Jind Mahi, the buds (kaliyan) of bajara (grain) are here (spring has arrived) The jattiyan have come (aiyan) to see (vekhan) the mela
In one hand (hath) is a mirror (sheesha), with which she fixes (svaran) her hair (pattiyan)Chorus
For one moment (ek pal), sit down (behijana)
near me (mere kol)
I find your words (bol) so sweet (mithrde)Your spoilt (ladli) sister-in-laws (parjai) They will never come back into your hands (baji = control)Jind Mahi, the leaf buds (boor) have come on the ambi tree
The faces (mukhrde) of the jattiyan are beginning to glowJind Mahi, if you go (turiyo) to Patiala From there (othon) bring (liyavi) silki (reshmi) tassles (naale) Half (ade) white (chitte) half black (kale)

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