The Epic™ Privacy Browser Works Visitors Preserve Their Particular Privacy While Seeking Fragile Dating Topics

Among the planet’s very first personal and protected web browsers, Epic welcomes this brand-new awareness among online users. The web web browser encrypts user information, obstructs ads and trackers, and deletes all search and surfing record after each treatment. Like that, people are able to keep their particular individual everyday lives to on their own.

“Recently, there’s been much more fascination with on the web privacy,” Alok stated. “individuals frequently obtain it today, and that’s been great for all of us.”

There’s really no Browsing History & absolutely no way to Track the Movements

Sometimes singles and couples have actually painful and sensitive interests, concerns, or preoccupations that they don’t want soon after all of them after they’ve gotten the answers they find. Maybe some one is curious about BDSM, for example, but dreads the specific advertisements that could show up later. Maybe a closeted gay guy desires find a night out together, but he doesn’t want to themselves on a shared computer.

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