Happy Father’s Day

For Your Grandfather

No matter how much time goes by, I treasure my memories of times spent with you and I still look forward to all our times together.

For teaching me to fish, to make campfires, and to always be kind, thanks Grandpa!

I hope you know how much I admire the man you are, Ye Ye.

You’ve taught me so much without saying a word—just by the way you treat people.

Abuelo, your influence has shaped me in lasting ways. (And list some of those ways.)

I’ve always felt so blessed to have a grandpa like you.

Have you noticed that pretty much everything we do together leads to ice cream? Not that I’m complaining. Have a sweet Father’s Day. Love you, Grandpa!

You’ll always have your own special place in my heart, Papa.

Happy Father’s Day to the best grandpa in the world!

Granddaddy, you’ve always told the best stories and the funniest jokes. I’ll always be your biggest fan.

Grandpa, I love and appreciate [name what you did together] because of you. I’ll always be grateful for what you taught me.

I hope I can create as many good memories for my grandchildren as you have given me.

Grandpa Teo, the only things that matter in life are the important things. And you are important to me.

Espero que sepas cuánto te admiro, Abuelo. Eres un gran hombre.

You’re such a good grandfather and great-grandfather—always ready to hold the newest baby or tell a joke or a story. No wonder you’re so loved!

You give our family strength.
For all you’ve gone through, all you are, and all the love you share, we love you,

You’re such an important part of the family, Granddad.

On Father’s Day, we hope you feel honored for all your years of leading our family. And every day, we hope you feel how loved you are.

You’ve been the best for as long as we can remember.

Granddad, you are the bridge between our proud family history and the bright future your hard work makes sure we’ll have.

Funny Messages for Dad

Humor is the way to many a father’s heart. So if your card is for a dad who enjoys a good laugh, feel free to joke around in what you write to him.

Happy Father’s Day. Hope the beers are chilling and the grill is sizzling!

Happy “Golf to Your Heart’s Content” Day!

Sending you heartfelt appreciation on Father’s Day. It’s the least I can do considering all the gray hairs I’ve given you.

Thanks for teaching me all the best things I know…plus some other good stuff that I probably should have paid more attention to.

I hope all your wildest Father’s Day wishes come true—maybe even the one about staying awake through the whole afternoon of baseball on TV!

Today is all about you, Dad! Enjoy, because tomorrow it’s back to the rest of us.

I hope you get to waste some time in your favorite ways on Father’s Day. You deserve it!

Sending lots of love to the dad who did his best to keep me out of trouble…from the [son/daughter] who was really good at finding it!

Happy Father’s Day with love from your favorite kid. (Don’t worry—I won’t tell if you won’t.)

Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Dad. Obviously, I could never repay you, but I’ll happily chip in for pizza in your honor on Father’s Day or any day!

Happy Father’s Day, Daddy. We’ll just drop the grilled meat off at the door to your man cave.

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