Happy Father’s Day

For Your Father-in-Law

For welcoming me into your family, for loving me like one of your own, for everything you do for us—thank you, with all my heart.

You’ve always made that little extra effort to get to know me, and it means more to me than I can say.

I know I’ll never be as good at BBQ as you are. But I also know you’ll always share grill secrets with me anyway. Thanks for that.

I appreciate so many things you’ve taught my [husband/wife/partner/spouse] about life. But I appreciate what you taught [him/her/them] about love even more.

Happy Father’s Day to the person who raised my person. I’m so grateful for you.

You don’t have to cheer me on or help me out, but you do it anyway. Thanks for always asking and always listening.

I hope you know what an amazing example you were—and still are—to my [husband/wife]. The wonderful parent and partner they are is thanks largely to you.

When we met, I was already grown. But you went about being a dad to me in your quiet, strong way anyhow. I appreciate that, and you, so much.

For a Father-to-Be

Happy (almost) Father’s Day!

You’ve got sticky little kisses and crayon-drawn Father’s Day cards in your future. Lucky you!

Your little one is going to be so lucky to have you.

Happy Dad-to-Be Day, Kevin! You’re going to make such a good dad!

Happy Father’s Day to our favorite father-to-be with lots of pride and anticipation!

What an exciting day for a father-to-be! It won’t be long now…

Your baby will be here before you know it! Hope this Father’s Day will be the first of many happy ones for you.

Sending love and good wishes to the dad-to-be on Father’s Day!

Happy Father-to-Be Day! Sharing in your excitement as you wait for Baby Jackson’s arrival!

Our family is growing in the best of ways. It’s going to be a wonderful adventure, and you’re going to be an amazing dad.

I can’t wait to see you be the father you’ve waited so long to be.

What’s good? You and your baby. SO good.

Que este Día del Padre te sientas muy feliz al pensar en ese angelito que pronto llegará.

For a First Time Dad

You are off to a great start as a dad. Happy First Father’s Day!

Your baby girl is so lucky to have you for her dad.

Happy First Father’s Day with pride for the great dad you already are and anticipation for all the exciting times ahead for you and your family.

Hoping this will be the first of many memorable Father’s Days for you!

You may be just a rookie dad, but you already seem like a seasoned professional.

You’ll always remember your first Father’s Day. (Unless you sleep through it, which might be nice, too.) Hope it’s sweet however you spend it!

The universe must have known what it was doing when it made you a dad, because you’re a great one!

You’re a natural at this “daddy” thing.

You’re doing a great job, new daddy. I can tell from your happy baby.

I can just imagine how meaningful today is with a new little one in your life. Enjoy!

For Someone Like a Father to You

Thinking of you on Father’s Day, Uncle Mateo, and feeling so grateful that we’re family.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful godfather. My parents couldn’t have picked a better (or funnier!) man for the job.

You’ve always gone above and beyond to support me and celebrate important times in my life. That’s why I’m thinking of you with special gratitude on Father’s Day.

With love and thanks for an amazing man I’ll always look up to.

Tio, you’re the kind of man everyone needs in their lives.

Just wanted to recognize you on Father’s Day for being such a caring and positive influence in my life. I’m more grateful than you could ever know.

I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that I’m thinking of you today. After all, you’ve cared about me almost like a father.

Don’t know where I’d be without your wisdom and guidance.

Having you in my life has made all the difference in the world to me.

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