Happy Yoga day

Happy Yoga day!! _Yoga is amazing and it really does work wonders for the mind and body.

_Yoga can be defined as a light which if lit once is not likely to dim ever.

_If you compare yoga with a flame, the more you practice yoga, the brighter the flame will glow. Happy Yoga day!!

_I find yoga poetry of movements and this is something I think people of literature can relate with.

_Just like grammar is a basic part of any language, if you learn the basics of yoga, you can form your own poetry. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga can be defined as a methodology that can be used to uncover the magic that is present inside ourselves.

_You do you have to touch your toes while doing yoga but the real benefit of yoga is the journey to the toes. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga is a type of workout but yoga is also about working on yourself which is very important. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga has the power to heal a person, make a person feel good about himself or herself.

_When we do yoga, it does not necessarily change the way we perceive things, but it does transform the person who perceives.

_Yoga is like the clear water or a mirror at which we can see our own reflection. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga is not a performance that is to be commended, it is something to be explored. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga is like music that you can lose yourself to but then discover yourself in a better form.

_Yoga is important not only for the body but also for the soul and the mind. Happy Yoga day!!

_You are nothing without your soul, so be kind to it and do yoga to keep your soul happy.

_Some people say that yoga is difficult but it is supposed to be difficult as no good thing comes easy. Happy Yoga day!!

_When people say yoga is difficult, they are not entirely wrong, because yoga is great only because it is difficult. Happy Yoga day!!

_When you are doing yoga, do not worry about your body if your mind is ready because it is often our mind that holds us back and not our body.

_It is our mind which needs to be convinced more when we decide to do something as challenging as yoga.

_You might hate doing yoga but you will love it once it is done. Happy Yoga day!!

_When you practice yoga, you are not doing it so that it can control your body, you are doing yoga so that your body can get the freedom it desires.

_Yoga is not meant for lazy people, it is for those people who want success in their lives. Happy Yoga day!!

_Doing yoga can take you to new places and give you a new sense of peace and pleasure.

_Like a photographer tells you to pose for photographs, a yoga instructor tells you to pose for your health. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga can help you find yourself. Happy Yoga day!!

_Once you start practicing yoga, you will be able to discover yourself more, bit by bit.

_Yoga can help you to find your true self and find peace within yourself.

_With so much of body shaming around, you can always try yoga to find peace and yoga will also help you feel good about your body.

_Yoga takes care of your physical as well as mental health. Happy Yoga day!!

_When you embrace yoga, you are starting a new chapter in your life.

_If you want to bring a balance in your life you should try practicing yoga. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga will be able to give you a kind of spiritual escape nothing else can.

_You can count on yoga to stay healthy and fit.

_Yoga will add more years to your life so it is always advisable to practice it.

_If you are feeling stressed out and want to feel better, yoga is one thing that will surely help you. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga will detoxify your mind and bring peace in your daily mundane life.

_If you are doing yoga you should be happy that you are doing at least something right in your life. Happy Yoga day!!

_Jealousy, depression, hate are the various things that yoga will help you to escape from.

_You will find inner peace if you practice yoga. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga does not need any advertisement, we all know how important it is.

_All film stars and other famous people practice yoga these days to stay fit and healthy. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga provides us with the motivation to live our everyday lives in a much better way.

_Yoga needs no excuse, just do yoga to improve your life. Happy Yoga day!!

_On this world yoga day, let us all take a vow to practice yoga every day. Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga should be taught in schools so that children can learn the benefits of yoga from a very young age.Happy Yoga day!!

_Yoga is the practice that will give you all the wealth in your life if you believe in the saying “Health is wealth”. Happy Yoga day!!

_On this World yoga day, Let us take a pledge to try our best to stay healthy and practice yoga every day.

_World yoga day is an annual event that celebrates and highlights the benefits of yoga.

_The main purpose of celebrating the world Yoga day is to encourage everyone to practice yoga.Happy Yoga day!!

_Happiness comes from good mental and physical health and doing yoga is one sure way to achieve that.Happy Yoga day!!

_Love yoga and your life will love you.Happy Yoga day!!

_If you love yourself and want to take care of your health, yoga is the path for you.Happy Yoga day!!

_Let us encourage everybody to practice yoga so that everyone can lead a happy and healthy life. Happy Yoga day!!

-You can’t Always Control what goes on Outside,Yet, you can Always Control what goes on inside Best Wishes for International Yoga Day.

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