Bennington Battle Day

As a fellow countryman, my only regret is I wasn’t born in the era of revolutionary war to serve and free my country from Britishers.

They had just one life to live yet they fought with courage and bravery for the country’s independence. May we all commemorate them on this special holiday.

If there were no guts shown by the founding fathers then there wouldn’t have been a battle victory for us to celebrate today.

Patriotism has always been voluntary yet the brave lives that are lost in the battle of Bennington battle have shown it to preserve America.

The lives that fallen in protecting our country shall always be rewarded with making our beautiful nation of America great again.

That day New York has seen some of the bravest souls serving and protecting our nation. Let’s commemorate them for their braver on this day.

If it wasn’t for the greatest military battle victory over British, the map of our country would look different than it is today.

It is the feeling of loyalty and allegiance that have compelled the greatest army of all time to fight and win the battle of Bennington.

Sometimes winning a battle becomes as important as winning the war and for our armed forces the Bennington battle was no different than a war.

They say battles are worthless if there isn’t anything to gain after victory and I am afraid the same can’t be said about the Bennington battle.

There was a serious amount of danger involved during the battle of Bennington. Maybe that is the reason why the triumph is till celebrated.

Even after the independence of America, we had to win the battle more than once to truly achieve it. So let’s celebrate the Bennington battle victory with full spirit.

The battle was initiated more than 200 years ago to live in a country full of peace and prosperity. So let’s fight for peace this time again.

In the end it was all about the will to fight and without it, our soldiers would have faced a fatal battle ahead.

On the eve of Bennington Battle Day let us all thank God for the brutality of war or else the worldhave taken a liking at it.

The dreams that they the war-veterans have seen for America can only be achieved by the power of unity rather than dissension.

Our Nation is breathing the air of liberty provided by our forefathers. On the eve of Bennington battle day, let’s teach our children to preserve the hard fought liberty.

The soldiers who fought with bravery in the battle of Bennington were solely the children of God sent by the Lord to protect us.

The moment the soldiers met their enemies in the battlefield, they knew that it was just a matter of time as the victory was theirs to achieve it.

The success of victory wasn’t achieved with just a snap of fingers. It was the hard-work, perseverance and strong will shown by the soldiers that did it.

Patriotism is null if it is shown just by the words rather than the actions and choices. And on that day Gen. John Stark and his men showed true patriotism.

Victory shall always remain a victory in spite of how hard the battle was fought. In the end we’ll all be celebrating the win rather than the loss.

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