Happy Emancipation Day

Women make up one half of the society, let them celebrate too on this emancipation day.

Let us emancipate from our mental slavery, as the mind is our only ruler.

Let us end the hypocritical compromise toward slavery.

Let us free our spirit; then only nothing can enslave us.

Let us make freedom one of critique religion.

On this emancipation day, make wisdom the essence of emancipation.

On this emancipation day, the poor can dream, the weak can hope, the powerless can rise again.

Happy emancipation day, to the slaves who are free to grow and strive the hard.

On this emancipation day, bear the stigmata of capitalism.

Let this emancipation day begins the sexual emancipation of women, who are the chief victims of patriarchy.

This emancipation day may bring the preliminary to the liberation of the mind.

Emancipation means liberalism, free from prejudice, from discrimination, from poverty.

Bring this emancipation day may bring the endurance to pain and subjection to birth and death.

Let us bring happiness in the immensity of God.

This emancipation day, make education birthright, as it is not merely to learn to read and write.

This emancipation day, liberate women from all forms of oppression.

Today, we all celebrate the land of free and home of the brave, thanks to Abraham lincoln.

Happy emancipation day to all, for being forever free.

This emancipation day, bring everyone together to emancipate the women in Afghanistan, through Afghans themselves.

This emancipation day, politics should share one purpose to steady emancipation of the individual.

This emancipation day, let us work on female empowerment with a steady mind.

The emancipation day, we go for recognition of human rights, without distinction of sect, party, or color.

This emancipation day, perform the voluntary act of master, performed from a conviction of its dignity.

This emancipation day, let us make the stop prohibiting education.

This emancipation day, I hope that Africans Americans will again look to the party of emancipation, civil liberty, and individual freedom.

Let us make us understand without a double liberation, and the master will benefit by freedom more than the freedman.

This emancipation day, bow the seeds of new slavery where every truth easily becomes a lie.

This emancipation of break of the greatest block to the women’s emancipation.

Let us the progression of the emancipation of any class usually, if not always, takes place through the efforts of individuals of that class.

Education means emancipation; it means light and liberty let the glorious light bring into our soul.

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