Happy Evacuation Day

Wars are not only won by evacuations but won by our strengths.

As Evacuation eases to the body, so dispose to the tranquillity the agitations of the heart.

When the Evacuation starts, and an alarm sounds, leave immediately by the nearest exit.

Our Lord Jesus Christ will be the leader of an evacuation on earth, but we also got some earth leaders to check the mother ship.

Evacuation plan- run and run as fast as you can to save yourself.

Do not lose your courage and hopes in hard times, and this hard time makes a man hard to face all difficulties of Life.

Be brave in all situations, Life is not so complicated it depends on us how we face the circumstances.

Evacuation is not an act for cowards but the only means of survival for the fittest.

Keeping calm and enjoy the Evacuation Day.

Remember 17th of March as a day for American Revolution.

Every way doesn’t ensure victory, but survival is what matters the most.

It would be rather naive to not to enjoy, so happy Evacuation Day to all my fellow Americans.

Let us remember the day and enjoy on the lives being saved on Evacuation Day.

Survival is all that matters, and that why let us rejoice in the Evacuation day.

At greetings to all my fellow Americans on this auspicious day of Evacuation.

Evacuation is not only a victory for Boston but for entire America, so let us drink to that.

Let us all remember 17th of March not only as the Evacuation Day but also a day to show our courage to the rest of the world.

This year, let us all make Evacuation Day more grandeur than Thanksgiving.

For us, Evacuation Day plays the same role of importance as the 4th of July.

Oh great American troops! We shall all be forever into your debt for that is what the Evacuation Day celebration is all about.

Evacuation Day is not just yet another holiday but it is the day of great glory and shall be remembered through all eternity.

The star count might increase from thirteen to fifty, but the same love resides within our heart.

We should always remember that the celebration of the Evacuation starts and ends with American Independence.

On this evacuation Day, let us turn our biggest shame into our biggest strength.

On this Evacuation Day, let us all remember the sorry and bravery of our fellow American soldiers.

We must drink and celebrate, for the celebration of the Evacuation day has arrived.

The first half of the 90’s decade shall always be remembered as the true blood bath for America.

One should always remember the first victory of America as the Evacuation Day and we all must rejoice on that.

Never forget the pain of the 11-month of siege while celebrating the Evacuation day.

The thirteen colonies shall always be remembered on the Evacuation day.

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