Happy Hawaii Statehood Day

Having a statehood is a great deal of honor, so let us keep it that way.

Keep calm and love the Hawaii Statehood Day.

It is the right of every province to get their statehood if required, so let us celebrate on the win of ours.

Hawaii has all the rights to call itself a state, and its achievement is a great deal to us.

On this auspicious day, wishing all the fellow Hawaiians a happy Hawaii Statehood Day.

Greetings to all the fellow Hawaiians on their Statehood Day.

Satehood is just like getting your own Independence Day for the state, so let us enjoy it in that way.

Let us all rejoice in our old culture and customs to honor the Hawaii Statehood Day.

Its not the state but the hardworking people of Hawaii that makes our Statehood Day celebration memorable.

Let us all parade and march the street, to let the entire America know that today is our Statehood Day.

Here is a toast to the regained freedom of Hawaii on the Hawaii Statehood Day.

On this year’s Statehood Day, let us make Hawaii a true definition for Paradise.

Let us celebrate and enjoy the freedom to live on this Hawaii Statehood Day.

Happy Hawaii Statehood Day towards creating a perfect nation.

Being a state of brave men, let us take pride in celebrating Hawaii Statehood Day.

On the occasion of Statehood Day, let us promise ourselves to be a more responsible citizen of Hawaii.

Proud to a Hawaiian and wishing you all a Happy Hawaii Statehood Day.

Let us come together to felicitate our glorious nation and proud to a Hawaiian.

Statehood Day is not only an occasion for the celebration of Hawaii but also to remember the struggles of those who fought for it.

Rejoice in the spirit of independent Hawaii soaring to dizzy heights, blessed to have the freedom to soar the unbound sky.

It makes the heart beat with pride, to see the Statehood Day spreading happiness with great joy all around us.

May the glory of Statehood Day be with us forever,

Celebrate the free spirit of Hawaii, May this Statehood Day fills your life with happiness and prosperity.

Feel the pride of being the part of such a glorious and beautiful nation, Happy Hawaii Statehood Day to all.

Today, we breathe the air of freedom because of the glorious efforts of our ancestors. Let us keep it that way.

This wonderful day is the reminder of the struggles to bring the statehood, so Happy Hawaii Statehood Day to all.

Let us strive to make our future much better and prosperous on this occasion of Statehood Day.

It is through the sacrifice of thousands of people that we achieved our much-cherished freedom, wishing you all a very happy Hawaii Statehood Day.

May the Statehood Day bring Harmony between all the communities to live in harmony and peace.

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