Happy National Arbor Day

“Trees are like poetries of Mother Earth…. Let’s plant them, nourish them and love them for they are our future…. Sending wishes on National Arbor to you!!!”

“Let us teach our children the importance of trees…. Let us teach them to make a world a greener and happier place to live it….I wish you and your children a very Happy National Arbor Day!!!”

“The best friend of a Man on Earth are Trees….To create a healthier and happier society, plant more and more trees to make our planet a better place to live…. Happy National Arbor Day.”

“With trees around, we feel more energetic and positive as they have the power to kill negativity…. Let us promise to bring this brightness in our lives on National Arbor Day.”

Let us take an oath to make our surroundings greener and happier by planting trees, watering them and taking care of them with our heart and soul…. Sending best wishes to you on National Arbor Day with a hope that you will join the wagon!!!

Trees are an essential part of our lives….. And today is the day to promise ourselves to have them in greater numbers and to make have liveliness and happiness around us…. With lots of love, wishing you a greener and blessed National Arbor Day.

Planting a tree is like planting a hope….. It is the most beautiful present we all can give our coming generations…. So let’s plant trees for a greener tomorrow…. Wishing you and your family a wonderful National Arbor Day.

Each one, plant one…. With this thought, we can make our planet more beautiful, much greener and much healthier home…. Let us make an effort to plant trees on National Arbor Day and make it a memorable and meaningful day in every sense. Happy Arbor Day to you.

By planting one tree, we are expressing our positive thought and hope…. Even if we are not there tomorrow, our trees will be there to take care of our generations to come….. Sending warm wishes to you on National Arbor Day my friend.

For every country, its forest is like the lung to its land which gives fresh air to its countrymen…. Let us save our soil by planting trees….. Let us work to become a greener and happier nation…. Warm wishes to you on the amazing occasion of National Arbor Day.

With a little effort today, we can make our future brighter….. By planting one tree today, we can aim to create a healthier tomorrow for our coming generations…. Let us celebrate National Arbor Day by promising to plant one tree every year!!!

Let us leave something precious behind us, something productive, something that will make us remember for our good karmas….. Let us plant trees and take care of them as a present for our young ones….. Wishing you a very Happy Arbor Day my dear.

They look beautiful standing tall in peace….. They infuse harmony as they stand wise in silence…. They give us air, they give us shed, they give us flowers, they give us fruits…. We surely don’t need more reasons to plant trees….. Happy National Arbor Day.

Planting a tree is our responsibility to save our Earth and to make it a greener place to live…. Let us fulfill this onus by planting trees on National Arbor Day with love and care…. To plant a new hope, to plant a new life….. Warm wishes on National Arbor Day to you.

Trees are like beautiful poems written on sky by earth. Let us not destroy these life giving creations as they are precious gifts of nature. Wishing you a National Arbor Day 2022.

Let us not reach to a point when all trees have cut down for our needs and we have nothing to eat or drink or breathe. Let us conserve them by joining hands. Happy National Arbor Day to you.

Trees are like blessings of Earth on mankind. They give us flowers, fruits, shelter, air and love to life a happy and healthy life. Let us plant more trees and save them. Happy National Arbor Day.

The real meaning of life lies in planting trees and saving the ones our ancestors have planted. Let us promise ourselves to plant more and more trees. Best wishes on National Arbor Day to you.

Sitting under a tree on a hot summer day is the love of the tree in form of shadow. Let us return the innumerable favors of trees by conserving them. Warm wishes on National Arbor Day.

On the occasion of National Arbor Day, let us join hands to save trees and plant more and more trees this year for a healthier and greener planet. Wishing Happy National Arbor Day to you.

Let us leave a healthier planet Earth for our children by planting more and more trees today. Let us bring more positivity and greenery by saving and protecting trees. Happy National Arbor Day.

We don’t need a day to save a tree. We don’t need a date to plan a tree. We don’t need a reason to save our planet. It is our responsibility. Wishing Happy National Arbor Day to you and your family.

Tall standing trees always inspire us to plant more and more trees to save our planet. Let us plant one tree per person for a greener planet. Happy National Arbor Day to you.

To the trees which have always been giving, let us come together to water them, save them and multiply them by planting more trees. Best wishes on National Arbor Day to you and your family.

Plant a tree and see the Mother earth thanking you with a smile.

It is time to think seriously about the survival of the earth.

God created the earth with lots of trees and other natural things. We destroyed it. Now its time to recycle.

Plant more trees and make the earth beautiful and a perfect place to live.

Celebrate this Arbor Day in the shade of your own trees.

Make a tree as your friend and you will not regret!

God loves us which is why created this beautiful earth and gave to mankind.

Before cutting a tree, just remember that we too are creatures on earth and one day should leave this world. Do good to earth before you leave.

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