Happy Native American Day

Those who have one foot in the European mainstream and, and one foot in the native American culture, are going to crave for a certain belonging.

Native American Day is the day when we all come together and celebrate the rich heritage and culture of our people. So, on this day I urge you to come in unison and celebrate this day in unity.

We all know that the Native Americans always wanted to remain free, in sense of to work freely or to follow any religion. Let us all come together and celebrate our freedom to live on Native American Day.

The Native American people has the quality of having less thunder through mouth and showing more lightning through their hands. On this Native American Day, let’s commemorate their special quality.

Never judge a book by its cover, similarly never judge anyone by their looks since they can have many struggles hidden in their faces. In the same way we should honor the struggles of the natives on this Native American Day.

The Natives of America may have a different language to speak but they all belong to the same human race. So, on this Native American Day, let us forget all our differences and unify ourselves in the celebration of this day.

In the absence of culture and freedom, the society even though it’ll be perfect, it is going to be a jungle only. On this Native American Day, I urge everyone to appreciate our Native American culture.

If they are unkind to you, start walking away following the red road keeping a smile on your face. They’ll lose their power. Start following the ideology of your natives on this Native American Day.

According to the theory of our natives, everything on earth has a purpose like a herb to cure any disease. Find your purpose and start acting on it from this Native American Day.

Maybe our life is full of choices but we only get to choose few. So, choose the option of knowing the rich heritage of our Natives on this Native American Day.

Our ancestors have tried their best to preserve our rich culture and wonderful heritage and it is our turn to follow their steps. This Native American day, I hope we all try to reenact what our ancestors did.

People opt for violence without even considering the power of talking. The more you talk to them, the more you’ll know them and the less you’ll fear each other. Let there be peace on Native American Day.

We often underestimate the importance of our own voice until and unless we are ordered to be silenced. So let’s not wait and raise our voices together to honor our culture on Native American Day.

Don’t let a wound wait around to get to your inner self because healing is possible when you don’t let the wound to control your life. Hope you spend a wonderful Native American Day ahead.

We don’t need to be rich but we do need to train our children right. It’s time our children inherit our culture and together we honor our Native American ancestors who were the first visitor of this country.

All plants are our brothers and sisters. They talk to us and if we listen, we can hear them. So this Native American Day, let’s hope to preserve both, our culture and our most precious environment.

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