Happy Purim’s Day

Happy Purim!

Chag Purim Sameach! (Hebrew)

Freilichen Purim! (Yiddish)

Wishing you and your family a joyous Purim.

Happy Purim to all—have a wonderful day of celebration!

I hope you enjoy many Hamantaschen on this Purim.

Celebrate Purim this year by remembering Esther’s bravery.

Share your inner joy with the world this Purim.

Let’s celebrate Purim together this year!

May Purim 2022 bring joy into your life.

Honor the resilience of our Jewish community this Purim!

I wish you peace and prosperity on Purim.

May Purim be a ray of hope for you this year!

Let us honor the bravery of the Jews and their good hearts this Purim.
Have a blessed Purim!

The arrival of Purim symbolizes a day of positive change in our lives.

Help those in need this Purim and honor our Jewish history.

Spreading love and light your way this Purim.

Purim is a time to confront challenges and evils in your life—you will succeed!
Triumph over fear this Purim—we should rejoice!

Wishing blessings on all the Jews on this joyous day—let’s celebrate Purim!

Missing you on Purim. I can’t wait until we can celebrate together again!

Let Esther’s courage inspire our own bravery this Purim and that of our Jewish community.

Happy Purim to all! Let us celebrate the delivery of the Jews from annihilation on this beautiful day.

Cursed be Haman and blessed be Mordecai and Esther on Purim!

Charity is an important part of Purim—share your good fortune with others.

Celebrate Purim and take part in the custom of drinking wine at Purim feasts!

Honor our salvation this Purim and our history.

Purim Allegre! (Ladino)

Enjoy the merry-making of Purim—take off the mask hiding your personality and put on a new mask for the masquerade!

I hope that you are able to celebrate Purim with friends and family this year.

Wishing you a joyous Purim—you are in my heart.

Enjoy the Purim spiels this Purim! May they bring you laughter.

Celebrate Purim with friends, great food, and huge smiles.

May you have a blessed Purim and the chance to attend the Megillah reading in your community.

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