Happy Yom Haatzmaut Day

The day a country gets its Independence is indeed a very proud day for the whole nation to celebrate!

Happy Yom Haatzmaut to all the Israelis and we hope all of you have a very happy day ahead!

We all know how important it is for a country to celebrate its Independence, hope all the Israelis have a very nice celebration of this day!

Independence is a very powerful thing and all countries had to fight a lot to gain it, happy Yom Haatzmaut!

It is that time of the year when we hail our heroes who had fought bravely for us to see this day!

Although we keep our brave heroes in our hearts always, it is the day we celebrate them and their fight!

We are here because of the sacrifice our freedom fighters made.

We should not disrespect our Yom Haatzmaut because it is the proudest day for us!

May everyone feel as proud as I do because tomorrow is our Yom Haatzmaut!

All people of Israel feel really proud to celebrate this day with lots of patriotic celebrations!

We hoist our National Flag with pride as we celebrate the Yom Haatzmaut!

The 14th of May is the day all Israelians look forward to because it is the day we got our freedom!

May we all pay respect to the freedom fighters who fought so that we could live in a free Israel!

May the May 14th keep being celebrated with the same pomp and patriotism year in and year out!

What can be a prouder day for a nation to celebrate other than the day the country got its Independence?

The struggle of our brave freedom fighters has not gone in vain because right now we are standing in a free Isreal, holding our flag high and celebrating Yom Haatzmaut!

We shall never understand the cost of freedom because our brave fighters have already paid for us to have it!

The freedom that we enjoy now did not come easy to us, let us pay tribute to those who brought us our freedom!

Yom Haatzmaut is a day when we celebrate and cherish our brave hearts!

May our freedom fighters rest in peace and may they know from wherever they are that they are cherished by all the Israelians!

Lots of happy wishes to all the Israelians as they unite to celebrate their Yom Haatzmaut!

May the National Flag of Israel always keep flying so high, happy Yom Haatzmaut everybody!

It is never cool to disrespect the nation, the national flag, the national anthem, or definitely the Independence Day of the Nation, so it is very important that we teach our children properly!

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