Happy Yom Haatzmaut Day

The Independence Day is the day that we dedicate to our mighty and ancestors who fought for our freedom, gave up their lives so that we could live in a free Israel!

There is not another day that the Israelians feel more proud of than Yom Haatzmaut!

All schools teach the students about the importance of paying tribute to the freedom fighters for whom we get to celebrate our Yom Haatzmaut!

There is always one festival or another to be celebrated but nothing makes us prouder than Yom Haatzmaut!

This is a day when we got what was deprived of us and so our ancestors had to fight, losing their lives to make sure that we got to grow up in a free Israel!

We will always stand tall and hold our heads very high when we talk about our nation, our brave freedom fighters, and our very own Yom Haatzmaut!

In a country where every citizen has a different opinion, we can say for sure, that everyone has the same opinion about independence and everyone celebrates Yom Haatzmaut with pride!

My little kid is only three and even he stands up whenever he hears the national anthem, and I can say if a threeyearold has this much sense, the rest of the country feels really proud to celebrate the Yom Haatzmaut!

Hello everyone, it is Yom Haatzmaut next week, so here’s to wishing everyone a very proud Independence Day!

If the freedom fighters could see us they would know how proud we are of them and how grateful we are that we get to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut for them!

Freedom is definitely precious and guess who gave us this precious gift, our freedom fighters, so we celebrate Yom Haatzmaut thanking them!

We are proud to be the descendants of the brave men and women who brought about our Independence!

On Yom Haatzmaut, we pay our tributes to those brave souls who gave us our freedom and made sure that we did not have to know the hardships of living in a country that is not free!

Nobody can pay the debt of our courageous fighters who gave up their lives because they foresaw the beautiful lives their descendants could lead in a country that is free!

Let no patriot be left out from our thoughts as we celebrate Yom Haatzmaut this 14th of May!

The fourteenth of May is the proudest day for the whole of Israel because it is the day we celebrate our sweet independence!

Every activity that we enjoy today, especially any outdoor activity, it is because our Israel is a free country now, thanks to our brave fighters!

Is there any other way to pay tribute to our freedom fighters because just standing up in silence for them does not seem enough!

We can never pay back what our freedom fighters brought for us because they have given up their lives to make sure that we live happy and free lives!

There is no way to repay the debt to our fighters and they would not want that either, so for their sake, we can vow to always be kind to our fellow Israelians and lead our country forward in every aspect of life!

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