Harvey Milk Day

Learn to love others irrespective of the gender for love is unconditional.

Stop this gender inequality and let people love whomever they wish to love, so let us take the pride in Harvey Milk Day.

Let the new thoughts of a better world may come to our mind on this Harvey Milk Day.

Let us rejoice the evolving world with Harvey Milk Day.

Love is what a person seeks, and love is what shall a person get on this Harvey Milk Day.

Keep calm and accept the Gay people.

Harvey Milk Day is all about finding your loved one no matter who so ever they be.

Embrace who you are for there is nothing to hide in this Harvey Milk day.

Homosexual people are better than the Heterosexual, for they understand that love is limitless by itself.

Be proud of your choice rather than going by the society, and embrace your homosexuality.

Harvey Milk Day is all about the freedom to enjoy who you truly are with the full extent.

On this Harvey Milk day let no one judge you by the choices you make in your life.

Every gay person hates the homophobic for there is no place for them to celebrate on the Harvey Milk Day.

At the end of the day we all are people with red blood running down our veins, so why discriminate in the first place?

Love is not always about sex, but the meeting of two souls into one, that is what Harvey Milk Day is all about.

It is completely natural to find your loved one’s within the same sex, so instead of being shy, try to embrace it.

Most of the times, the human mind is not capable of comprehending something beyond ordinary.

It is not your fault, rather than the fault of the society, so keep your pride and Enjoy the Harvey Milk Day.

Being loved by the person whom you love is the most beautiful moment in your life. Don’t let society judge you for that.

There is nothing more sinful than being the barrier between two loved ones, for it is not your concern, to begin with.

Celebrate the Harvey Milk Day and let the world know that love has no barrier, to begin with.

Wishing you all a happy Harvey Milk Day to all of my gay brothers and sisters.

Sapiosexuality is not a myth, for homosexuals are open to love the same sex.

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